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 Questions for web clients
# Do you need a site that adjusts its size for mobile devices?
# Must your site comply with the law for handicapped accessibility?
# Now that the iPad rejects Flash, how can you get some movement in your design?
# How are you supposed to know the answers to all these questions?
  Web Design Certificate Program at Arlington NOVA

Everything, everything everything about a web site should inform your visitors: it should tell them immediately what they came for while subtly conveying who you are.

It takes a wide range of skills to do this well. You can get these by hiring a full-service agency or by hiring me. When I teach web design, I draw on skills from each of my previous careers:

  • From my days as an information analyst, I analyze which structure will put information where visitors look for it, and which look will match the tone you want to convey;
  • As an editor, I write copy that is both clear and engaging;
  • And as a speech coach, I put all the elements together to subtly tell a story visitors won't forget.

I am not a programmer, but if you need interactivity, I can integrate off-the-shelf, "open source" programs that do most of the tasks you're likely to need. Take a look at my portfolio below. If you don't see your favorite style ask me; I can replicate any look. [Note: some of these sites were done with big help from Chris George my previous programming partner who's gone on to design of non-violent video games.]


Full-featured, mobile-responsive sites

This site based in WordPress integrates a shopping cart , multimedia, and interactive calendar for a historically black church in Fairfax Virginia.

For a political candidate, this site integrates a blog and Paypal donation feature..


Information intensive sites

A health care writer needed to easily upload her most recent articles and book appearances.

Bahamas tourism At over 100 pages, this was one of my first large sites, and it's still dearest to my heart. Although I'm eager to get back and update its look, my client tells me that its personal approach has paid off: Nearly 50 customers a week walk into his cafe saying, "We loved your site and can't wait to try your key lime pie."

Redesign of Institute for Health Freedom: For this health care think tank I reformatted for consistency over 100 pages of reports and press releases.

Redesign for Minaret of Freedom: One of my early projects for a Muslim-American think tank had over 100 pages of academic reports, press releases, and other documents. I reorganized the documents so they could be found by topic and suggested ways the site could better serve first-time visitors in the wake of 9/11.


Graphics intensive sites

Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Real Estate This site features million dollar homes and private islands in the Bahamas. An open source content management system permits easy upload of new properties.

Princess Street Gallery The owner tells me this site paid for itself in the first month. Sophisticated art of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Eddie Minnis Chris did most of the work on this site for a famous family of artists and musicians. He made it easy for them to upload new images, sell online, and track their fans.


Teri Murphy

Small Business Sites

Nathans Georgetown: The owner of this media hotspot "on the best corner of the most important city in the world" wanted a blog she could manipulate manually in Dreamweaver rather than with blog technology. The content challenge was to integrate her media interviews with the restaurant site in a form she could manage herself. (The restaurant is now closed; the new site I built for her in Typepad features her work as a society writer for Washingtonian Magazine.)

delta xrayDelta-Xray: A simple site for a firm that sells security devices. I did the original site and am now upgrading it to be mobile responsive.

The site for this nationally noted physician integrates his Twitter feed. Work on his search engine rankings brought him to the top in his highly competitive field.


Related experience: See my resumé.

References: Please contact owners of any of these sites via the main address on their pages above or ask me for their personal email addresses. I'm pretty sure they'll tell you that I get each job done on time and exactly the way they want it—or better.

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